Meet at Bassett | Ballards Ash

Terms and conditions

Booking confirmation‍

No booking is considered accepted until the Booking Fee and the signed Booking and Hire Agreement have been received and reviewed by the RWBRFC’s Executive Committee, and the booking confirmed by our Booking Manager.

Booking fees‍

The Booking Fee must be paid in full to the RWBRFC before the commencement of hire. Cheques should be made payable to RWBRFC.

Financial obligation‍

The hirer agrees to reimburse the RWBRFC for any damage caused to the premises or its fixtures, fittings and equipment, or the need for additional essential cleaning required as a result of any activities during the hire period.

Cancellations by the Hirer‍

The Hirer may cancel the booking on giving not less than 4 weeks-notice prior to the date of the ‘period of hire, in writing to the Booking Manager. In such event any booking fee previously paid will be reimbursed to the Hirer. In the event of the hirer making a cancellation within less than 4 weeks’ notice then the relevant booking fee will be payable in full.

Cancellations by RWBRFC

Royal Wootton Bassett RFC may in their absolute discretion cancel any booking if in their opinion or that of their officers an event should not go ahead. In the event of a cancellation by the RWBRFC it will refund any pre-payment without delay. RWBRFC will not be liable for any losses the Hirer may incur as a result of the cancellation.


The hired premises must be left clean and tidy and as hired at the conclusion of the hire period, i.e. decorations to be removed etc. Please note that if additional essential cleaning is required then paragraph 3 of these terms and conditions will apply. Please note that no confetti or similar material is to be used within these premises, and strictly no chewing gum is permitted.

Right of entry

RWBRFC reserves the right of entry to any function, without stating reasons to ensure that conditions of hire are being observed.

Compliance with Licencing Act and Drug Laws

Hirers must comply with the club licensing conditions. Activities must not compromise any aspect of the following four principles:

  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Prevention of public nuisance
  • Public safety
  • Protection of children from harm

Strictly no alcohol to be brought onto premises without prior permission. Strictly no legal highs/nitrous oxide canisters etc. and/or any other drugs to be brought onto premises. Any person(s) found in breach of this condition will be required to leave the premises.

Public safety

Hirers must accept responsibility for the safety of the public in the event of fire or otheremergencies during the period of hire. Hirers are responsible for their own first aid arrangements, and should familiarise themselves with the location of fire alarms, extinguishers and escape routes. Hirers must ensure that aisles, passage ways and exit doors are kept clear at all times.


Hirers agree not to commit or permit to be committed any act which would prejudice or invalidate any insurance policy or contract pertaining to the premises or any part of the hired property. The hirer will be held responsible for these acts.

No smoking

The premises and some outside areas including the patio area are non-smoking. Smoking may only take place in the designated areas. No smoking includes use of ‘vaping’ equipment.

Accidents and injuries

The RWBRFC accepts no liability for any accident, damage or injury arising from the hirer’s activity or use of the facilities.

Vacating premise

Hirers must vacate the venue by the end of the ‘period of hire’ and in default will indemnify the RWBRFC against all losses the RWBRFC suffers in consequence.

Protection against damage loss or injury

Hirers shall indemnify RWBRFC against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings, in respect of goods, clothing or of the deaths or injuries of any persons, which shall occur during the ‘period of hire’, provided that this indemnity shall not apply to any claim, demand, action of proceedings, which arises out of negligence on the part of RWBRFC, its agents or servants or from any defects of the premises.

Young people

Children must be supervised at all times.


The use of adhesives, adhesivetapes, nails, tacks, drawing pins or similar must be arranged with the Booking Manager at time of booking.

Muddy clothing/footwear

The hirer will not allow studded footwear to be worn inside the clubhouse or on the patio area. All muddy footwear and clothing must be removed before entering the clubhouse.


Advertising handbills or posters must not be posted within or without the premises unlesspreviously approved by the RWBRFC’s Management Team.

Keys to premises

In the event that any keys are provided to the hirer, they must be appropriately secured at all times. In the event that keys are stolen, lost or misplaced, the hirer will be responsible forthe payment of replacement keys.

Failure to observe ‘Conditions of Hire’

If the Hirer shall fail to observe these ‘Conditions of Hire ’the RWBRFC may, without notice, terminate the ‘period of hire’. Such termination shall not release the Hirer(s) from their obligations under these ‘Conditions of Hire’. The RWBRFC shall be entitled to retain monies paid and collect payment of any balance or additional charges outstanding.


  • RWBRFC’s decision as to the interpretation of these ‘Conditions of Hire’ shall be final.
  • The RWBRFC reserves the right to vary or amend these ‘Conditions of Hire’ on giving the Hirer not lessthan 48 hours-notice in writing.
  • The expression, ‘The Hirer’ shall apply whether there is one or more Hirer and if more than one theobligations are joint and several.
  • The masculine shall include the feminine and the singular the plural and vice versa.
  • Bold headings are for clarity of information only.

Please be aware that:

  • The Ballards Ash facilities are constantly monitored by CCTV, i.e. images are being monitored and recorded for the purposes of crime prevention, damage limitation and public safety.
  • As a members club we cannot guarantee exclusive use of the facilities to Hirers.
Last updated on:
July 1, 2023